Tour Package 1 - 3 days 2 Nights
Price: Rs.2500o (  USD 200  )

Day 1

Picking up you from the airport.

Climb the Sigiriya Rock Fortress which considered as the 8 th wonder of the world.
The beautiful rock fortress celebrated as the palace in the sky stands majestically for visitors to explore. Elaborate landscaped gardens, beautiful maidens known as the Sigiriya Frescoes and the lion platform are just a few of the attractions that will leave you awe struck.

Optional activities available include village and forest walks, bird and wildlife watching, Elephant Back Safari, cycling, trekking and boating, Ayurveda

Day 2

In the morning visit Anuradhapura which is one hour’s drive from Sigiriya.
It is a UNESCO World Heritage which is renowned as the centre of Buddhist civilization and undoubtedly the grandest city of ancient Sri Lanka. In interest and in antiquity, it is the equal of any ancient 'buried city' in the world. Among the main attractions is the Sri Maha Bodhi, the oldest historically documented tree on earth, over 2,200 years old and other impressive monuments embellished with handsome stone carvings or sculpture, pleasure gardens, beautifully executed stone baths and ponds.

In the afternoon visit Polonnauwa ( one and half hour drive from Anuradhapura ): That is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Several man-made reservoirs dot the region, the most famous is the Parakrama Samudra or the Sea of Parakrama which is larger in size than the Colombo harbor. Evincing Sri Lanka’s glorious past are monuments and buildings well preserved. These include the spectacular Gal Vihare complex of four massive images of the Buddha, cut from a single slab of granite - a highlight of ancient Sri Lankan rock carving, the Royal Palace complex including the Kings Palace, the Audience Hall and the Quadrangle. Other fascinating and impressive sights are the Lankatileka and Watadage temples, the Galpotha, the Lotus bath and the Kiri Vihare Dagoba.

Day 3

Visit Dambulla cave temple which is 20 minutes drive from Sigiriya
dating back to the 01st century BC, this caves complex was used as a refuge by an ancient king who commissioned magnificent carved images within the rock.

Thereafter, proceed to Kandy via a visit to the Spice Garden in Matale and visit a spice garden to experience exotic spices such as cinnamon, cardamoms, pepper plants and many others. Visitors will have the opportunity to gain knowledge on different spices and its relevance to local cuisine, especially in the preparation of Sri Lankan rice and curry dishes.. A  visit to a Hindu temple with lots of colorful  statues and see the construction there.

On the way to Kandy you will visit Nalanda Gedige - Built in the style of a South Indian Hindu temple, it consists of an entrance hall connected to a taller shikara (holy image sanctuary), with a courtyard for circumambulations. The temple is said to have been used by Buddhists as an  well protected image house. This is one of the earliest stone buildings constructed in Sri Lanka.

End of the tour dropping you at Kandy

Kandy – the cultural hub of Sri Lanka
This exotic city in the hill capital retains an aura of royal grandeur. The city’s charming setting including a tranquil lake is the site of the renowned temple that enshrines the Tooth Relic of the Buddha. Another popular attraction in Kandy is the Royal Botanical gardens – home to one of the world’s finest collections of Orchids. A cultural sanctuary where many legends, traditions and folklore are still lovingly kept alive, Kandy and its satellite villages are the centre of the islands handicraft industry which comprises items of wood, brass, exquisite silver or gold jewellery and precious gems of many varieties including the world’s famous blue and star sapphires. Enjoy a cultural show in the afternoon to see the Kandyan dancers and drummers show their rich art of dancing which is one of the best cultural dance in the world.

The price of the tour includes transport charges only
You have to pay the entrance tickets and accommodation charges will apply.
(You can reserve your own accommodation or we can reserve it without any additional charges for you. )